QuickFlow is our off the shelf cloud-based end-to-end publishing platform, which is a complete editorial and publishing workflow for journals and books on HTML 5 platform.

QuickFlow assists authors to prepare the manuscripts to the publisher’s style with a complete validation at the first go. Authors, reviewers, copyeditors, and typesetters can work collaboratively on a single online manuscript with track changes and predefined production workflow. The status of each article is traceable at every stage by the stakeholders.

  • Authoring and reviewing processes are effectively done avoiding multiple versions
  • Authoring done in multiple sessions at anytime and anywhere
  • Secured, adaptable and inbuilt project-specific automation and validation tools for copyediting
  • Handling Copyrights and Permissions
  • End-to-end – from Author to printer – processes are performed in a single file. Therefore, the files can be tracked by author and publisher at any phase of the flow
  • Multiple outputs, such as print pdf, e-pdf, XML, Epub, etc, are derived from the single workflow and source.
QuickFlow is equipped with rich features, which cater to the end-to-end processes in the workflow. The key features are listed below:
  • Dynamic workflow management platform for journals and books.
  • Transformation of unedited, unstructured content into high-quality edited online and print publishable content.
  • Automated inbuilt reference builder with complete validation conforming to the publisher’s style.
  • Automated citation builder with easy insertion access and automated cross-linking.
  • Simplified math keying, conversion of Tex to math and vice-versa, user friendly editing options
  • Designed to adapt all publishing manuals and easily configurable.
  • Inbuilt auto composition tool that produces the desired output pages in a minimal time.
  • Produce multiple format outputs, including HTML, XML and ePub along with composition.
  • Empowers the delivery of smart product content that is tailored to customer needs and delivered on any device.
  • Step wise, partial and random keying of article with timely back-up possible.
The key benefits of QuickFlow are
  • Reduced time to publication
  • Reduced manpower and training cost
  • Generic DTD supports a variety of DTD standards
  • Improved quality deliverables
  • Publishes from a single input to multiple output
  • Reliable and scalable
  • Improves workflow and collaboration


qSpurt is a Pre-XML Workflow developed to cater multiple formats as required by the customer. It is controlled by a robust workflow engine powered with the latest technology that moves the documents from one process to the next seamlessly.

  • Automated application of styles and specifications enables faster production cycle
  • Generates validated XML without any manual tagging
  • Accepts single input and generates multiple outputs for publishing
  • Integrates with any enterprise systems and is scalable to handle production volume and users.
  • Reduces composition time and cost
  • Handles math, table and figure effortlessly

Open Source

Open Source applications are free to distribute solutions that may be modified and implemented. We adapt new age open source frameworks, which are well tested and coupled with our in-house development. Open Source eliminates high licensing costs, product dependencies and helps achieve high performance quickly. Open Source applications provide solutions in a cost-effective manner and enables faster time to implement. We have designed high-performance solutions for automating our various processes.

We have successfully utilized various Open Source frameworks and codes for our in-house automation. We have got good results in those automations and are continuing our further exploration of new-age open source frameworks, which provide innovative and best in class solutions to our requirements.

Microsoft Technologies

We utilize Microsoft technologies for our solutions exploiting their extensive user interface, data access methods, database connectivity, network modes and flexible development stream features to generate the best solutions. We utilize Microsoft servers. We use C#.Net, VB.Net, Ajax, ASP.Net, MS-SQL Server, IIS for our products and applications development.